My name is Bill Weakley. I write apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad), for Android, and for the web and mobile web.

You can view my resume (HTML format) or download it (PDF format).

I have been involved with 8 apps currently in the App Store. I designed and wrote 3 entirely, and contributed code as part of a team for the other 5. The apps are:


Smith Mobile:
IPA Hunter:
Axe Rituals of Power:
HAP ID Card:
Amerigroup Mobile:


HAP ID Card:
Amerigroup Mobile:

Smith Mobile, SCDirectory and SCDining are for my current employer and are iPhone front-ends to our online directory and student menus. IPA Hunter has reviews of India Pale Ales, updates via web services, and was written for a client in Spring 2011. For TeamSnap, I cleaned up some display issues, and added the ability to upload photos to folders on the TeamSnap servers, and view those folders/photos from within the app. Axe RoP was an advergame that I helped connect with Facebook. HAP ID Card for both iOS and Android needed a branding/skinning update, clean-up of the existing code base, and additional functionality added.

I also have five apps in various stages of development and testing, which I have provisioned on my iPhone and iPad that I can demonstrate in-person.